PrimaSkin Nano-technology what's all the fuss about?

PrimaSkin Nano-technology what's all the fuss about?

People often ask us: “What’s the big deal about your proprietary PrimaSkin nanotechnology really anyway? Because I’m already using some or even all of the ingredients listed on your bottle..”

Well... Sometimes it’s difficult to make a point without giving away all of your trade secrets. So today we have a fun analogy for a Monday which I believe might make the point quite easy to understand the dramatic difference.

Picture for me right now a bus right in front of you with all the good stuff on board that your skin cells need. The only problem is we need to get that bus through a key hole first in order to ensure the ingredients are bio available exactly where they are needed.

It doesn’t matter how many times you drive that bus towards the keyhole it just ain’t getting in. It’s well known fact that most skincare products only have a tiny almost insignificant amount of the ingredients actually absorb where they need to.

This is where some of our beautiful skin care specialist friends will perform needling and various other awesome practices to ensure better absorption.

Now it’s worth pointing out that there is nanotechnology, then there is our PrimaSkin nanotechnology process. Some may think incorrectly that if you simply shrink the nutrients they will all the small enough to absorb. So let’s pretend that traditional nanotechnology shrinks the bus down to the size of the door handle. NOPE! Still not getting through!

For those of you old enough to remember the movie “Honey I shrunk the kids”, now picture that bus again with all the right nutrients on board. Only this time, we shrink the bus so tiny that it drives straight through the keyhole delivering all the nutrients to exactly where they are needed.

That my friends, should give you a visual of why you are seeing such spectacular before and after photos and so many five star reviews.

Nano-Formulated Skin Solution

Nano-Formulated Skin Solution


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